The people behind Exercism
Track Mentors

Track Mentors

Our mentors are the human element behind Exercism, providing empathetic feedback on learners' solutions

Photo of David Wessman

David Wessman

Ruby was the starting point for me learning to program. It still is my go-to-language for web applications and my knowledge made it easier for me to learn new languages I use at work.

Photo of Michael Glass

Michael Glass

I like elm and also I like you. I love elm because it's so easy to refactor my first draft into something beautiful. I hope you do, too.

Photo of Stig Johan Berggren

Stig Johan Berggren

I'm using Python for data science/machine learning and personal projects. I like the language for the great package ecosystem and the expressive and readable code.

Photo of Jason Runkle

Jason Runkle

I have been writing Java code professionally for the past 3 years and I have had a wonderful experience with it. The functional style of Java 8 took some getting used to, but it really improved my team's codebase and productivity.

Photo of Leo Zhu

Leo Zhu

Python is a beautiful language, which is different with C/C++, need more creativity to learn it. Don't feel sorry for what you don't know, just enjoy learning, enjoy Python, enjoy your life!

Photo of Philipp Meissner

Philipp Meissner

I'm a full-time software developer for ZEIT.IO GmbH, mostly focused on frontend using frameworks like Angular (1-8), Vue and even Elm. On top of that I am quite familiar with Ruby on Rails and NodeJS when it comes to backend.

Photo of Archana Sriram

Archana Sriram

Ruby is one of my most comfortable programming languages. I'm a professional software engineer with over two decades of work experience. I love to teach and mentor.

Photo of Damien Pollet

Damien Pollet

Contributor to Pharo, I love Ruby, LaTeX, and woodworking (and teach Java, because of reasons).

Photo of Fedor Koshel

Fedor Koshel

I've been working with Ruby for several years as a developer, architect and team leader. It's my favorite language, it's very beautiful and simple. I's really was created to 'Make programmers happy' as Matz said.

Photo of KillTheMule


Hobbyist programmer who's got a weak spot for Rust.

Photo of Dino


After some time working professionally with Python I got the chance to finally build something with Elixir that now runs in a production environment. I've always been passionate about functional programming because I feel it is more closely related to Mathematics and Elixir has enabled me to rediscover Functional Programming using awesome syntax.

Photo of Ludwig Stecher

Ludwig Stecher

I study IT in Bavaria, Germany. Rust is one of my favourite languages because of its expressive type system, its strong safety guarantees and good WASM support. I also code a lot in Java, Kotlin, JS and Typescript.

Photo of Sophie Doiron

Sophie Doiron

I am a CS/Physics university student. My favorite CS related topic is AI. I've been programming with JavaScript off and on for about 7 years now and I'm excited to help others with the language!

Photo of Kevin d'Orange

Kevin d'Orange

I talk C, C++, Python. I talk to cats, too.

Photo of Cory Lamontagne

Cory Lamontagne

Professional C++ dev who loves learning and mentoring, currently pursuing a masters in Data Analytics. Also, a student here on the Rust and R tracks (at least).

Photo of Tim Mackinnon

Tim Mackinnon

I am the co-maintainer of Pharo-Exercism, and I'd love more people to appreciate the elegance and simplicity of Pharo Smalltalk

Photo of Ammar Atef

Ammar Atef

2017 Graduate with experience in Android and Cross-platform mobile development since I was a junior student. Enthusiast about DevOps tools and open-source. Active contributor in GitHub and hosting some open-source projects too.

Photo of Winston Jr Rodriguez Stand

Winston Jr Rodriguez Stand

I am a software developer engineer, I like to learn new languages.

Photo of Crane Yuan

Crane Yuan

I am a backend developer. I've written code in Java professionally, as well as use it for open source contribution.

Photo of Alfredo Alonso

Alfredo Alonso

I'm a Frontend Developer working on {{js_library_or_framework_used_nowadays}}. I love the idea behind Exercism and I really enjoy helping others to learn and I belive that also helps to keep pushing my own knowledge. Feel free to reach out!

Photo of Isaac Good

Isaac Good

I love coffee, bicycles, motorcycles and reading fantasy. I've been coding and automating my entire life.

Photo of Ricardo AMbrogi

Ricardo AMbrogi

Front End Engineer who loves pizza and X-Men (not the movies).

Photo of Ricardo Pérez

Ricardo Pérez

PHP teacher (among other things) in a Computer Science course in a High School from Andalusia, Spain.

Photo of Paul Aly

Paul Aly

I've been developing in Java Professionaly for 5 years now. I'm passionate about writing clean code and learning new programming languages.

Photo of Kate Sergeeva

Kate Sergeeva

Like Python. Learn Python. Use Python daily.

Photo of Mikhail Navrotskiy

Mikhail Navrotskiy

I am a backend developer with ruby from 4+ years. I love ruby and spend a lot of time on my projects with ruby.

Photo of Thomas Koruga

Thomas Koruga

I love python for its readability and general-purpose. There is an open source library for basically everything. If you can imagine it, it probably exists. That's fascinating.

Photo of Muhammad Aufi Rayesa Frandhana

Muhammad Aufi Rayesa Frandhana

Part of Osu! videogame dev community, develops third-party AI that creates maps for that game named 'Osu!Automapper', written in python. Have strong interest on UI/UX design and machine learning. Professional in Python and Java. Watches anime, especially ones from Trigger studio.

Photo of Debasish Sahoo

Debasish Sahoo

Love writing Javascript for Backend applications and open-source development.

Photo of Oleksii Filonenko

Oleksii Filonenko

Ruby is my favourite programming language, and I use many ideas from Ruby in other languages. I also like teaching, Linux, and Free Software :)

Photo of Andrew Hampson

Andrew Hampson

I am a professional Ruby-on-Rails developer, programming enthusiast and have been programming in Ruby since 2016.

Photo of Ivan Danci

Ivan Danci

Ruby and Ruby on Rails Developer, have a bit of experience, happy to share it with everyone.

Photo of Roman Chvanikov

Roman Chvanikov

I'm a long-time OTP developer (Erlang/Elixir with a strong focus on Elixir for the past 4 years) and will be glad to help anybody to dive into the languages.

Photo of Matthew Bender

Matthew Bender

I'm a backend engineer and a long time rubyist turned gopher. I have really enjoyed learning Go and embraced its simplicity.

Photo of Zach Banducci

Zach Banducci

I have been using C++ for the past 2 years and I am a data structures teaching assistant. I have experience in program architecture and object oriented programming and I am here to help you in your ventures in becoming computer scientists!

Photo of Paulo Rosa

Paulo Rosa

I've been programming in Java since 1998 and teaching since 2012.

Photo of Michael Plotke

Michael Plotke

I'm paid to write JavaScript. I mostly enjoy it. I also enjoy teaching. Exercism is a nice convergence.

Photo of Tyll Weiß

Tyll Weiß

I love JavaScript for it's flexibility and fast-paced community. I've written and maintained quite a bit of Node and browser oriented Javascript projects, both personally and professionally.

Photo of Ian Knighton

Ian Knighton

I've been working in C# for 5 years. Building everything from simple console apps to major data-analytics tools.

Photo of Emanuele DelBono

Emanuele DelBono

I'm a developer passionate about clean code that fell in love with Elixir