The people behind Exercism
Track Mentors

Track Mentors

Our mentors are the human element behind Exercism, providing empathetic feedback on learners' solutions

Photo of Cedd Burge

Cedd Burge

I'm a software lead / architect / manager type thing and I have a strong focus on code quality. C# is an excellent general purpose language, with a rich and mature ecosystem. .Net Core has brought cross platform development and a stronger focus on web development.

Photo of Artem Privalov

Artem Privalov

I am huge fan of java! I really love web, open source software and idea of 'knowledfe for everyone'. At the moment I'm full stack developer, but my passin is Java!

Photo of Yunus Emre AYBEy

Yunus Emre AYBEy

Student and Mentor at I am a ruby enthusiast. I love to teach and learn.

Photo of Bennet Palluthe

Bennet Palluthe

I love Ruby, because it is pretty and beautiful and the nicest language in the world.

Photo of Joan Massich

Joan Massich

I like to talk about code.

Photo of Andi Rückauer

Andi Rückauer

Passionate about PHP and clean code. Work professionally with PHP and contribute to OSS projects whenever I can. Sharing my knowledge with others is a great learning experience for myself.

Photo of Chris Seckler

Chris Seckler

I live, breathe, and dream JavaScript. I could be dreaming right now.

Photo of Vidhi


I've been coding for a decade. Out of all the languages I have learnt and used, Python is my favourite.

Photo of Steve Jung

Steve Jung

Professional in Javascript for decode, and adaptive to TypeScript during recent 3 years

Photo of Yusuf Turhan Papurcu

Yusuf Turhan Papurcu

A High School Gopher Boi.

Photo of Vladyslav Balan

Vladyslav Balan

I use C# every day at work for building web application. And I believe, that the best way to learn something new is to teach someone

Photo of Eric Ramirez Santis

Eric Ramirez Santis

I am a Computer Science student. I have been actively programming in Java for the last 5 years. And I want to help others improve their skills in this beautiful language.

Photo of Dennis Hartrampf

Dennis Hartrampf

I have 7+ years experience as software developer, mainly using Java, recently also Kotlin ♥. I'm a fast learner and eager to explore new technologies. I'm also a believer in agile software development, team work and Clean Code.

Photo of João Luiz

João Luiz

I'm a CS student, Developer, that loves to use Python to solve problems and build things. I like helping others enhance their quality of life through knowledge sharing like programming skills, automation, and business stuff.

Photo of Sudhanshu Gupta

Sudhanshu Gupta

I have experience in computer architecture and systems design in general. MIPS was one of the first ISAs I learnt. Looking forward to helping others learn it too :)

Photo of Donato Azevedo

Donato Azevedo

Ruby caught my attention due to its idiomatic constructs and powerful metaprogramming capabilities. I've been working with ruby for half a decade and am trully in love with how elegant the code is. I would very much like to evangelize and enfuse in others this passion for ruby.

Photo of Samuel Braun

Samuel Braun

My first programming language was Java. At the beginning it was quite challenging to write some code that does actually make sense. After a few days however, it became easier and fun to mess around with.

Photo of Luke Carrier

Luke Carrier

SRE at an edtech company. I want the world to see Modern PHP isn't the slouch it used to be. Currently exploring Rust.

Photo of Andrew Lucas

Andrew Lucas

20+ years as an embedded C developer, loves working in Python where applicable and a Rust newbie

Photo of Alex Guglielmone Nemi (Alex Hans)

Alex Guglielmone Nemi (Alex Hans)

With 10+ years in software/product development, I love to be in a constant learning state and to help others in their journeys. Mentoring on a site that focuses on encouraging critical skills and idiomatic code is an extremely enriching experience.

Photo of Hubert Krauze

Hubert Krauze

Go developer with years of experience in open source projects. Go is easy and fun the same as teaching it.

Photo of Sean Allred

Sean Allred

I love Lisp for its simplicity and utility -- and bending Emacs to my whims! I've created popular internet-based packages like Magithub and SX for StackExchange.

Photo of Semsudin Sefic

Semsudin Sefic

C# developer with a focus on QA Test Automation as well as Automation in general.

Photo of Ben Taylor

Ben Taylor

I love tinkering, making cool things, and teaching. JS Developer for over 7 years, learner & teacher forever.

Photo of Claudio Novoa

Claudio Novoa

I've been using Ruby with and without Rails professionally since 2015. Love to help anyone who wants to learn this awesome language.

Photo of Gaurav Chakravorty

Gaurav Chakravorty

I have used C++ at work for 15 years. I aspire for performance in my coding.

Photo of Andrew Stoehr

Andrew Stoehr

Professional Software Engineer. Whenever I have something I need to automate, Bash is one of my go-tos - its flexibility and interesting syntax make it one of my favorite languages to write. Having direct access to command-line utilities within scripts makes Bash appealing by itself, but the language is so much more than just that. I look forward to helping others learn it!

Photo of Rob Kendal

Rob Kendal

I have 15+ years development experience and I love to learn and share knowledge. Anything front-end, JavaScript and React!

Photo of Naresh Thakur

Naresh Thakur

I work as a senior full stack engineer. Mostly I worked with JavaScript in my career. I usually work on Node, React/Redux. And I can work on any JavScript library or framework. I love so solve logical problems. I am here to help to get familiar with data structures and algorithms

Photo of Ann TV Huynh

Ann TV Huynh

I worked with C++ during my first job as a developer 4 years ago and continued to use it in my scientific thesis. I love the power of this language and want to further refine my mastery over its various uses.

Photo of James Landrum

James Landrum

I jumped on the Kotlin train back in 2014 after learning about it being a better alternative to the awesome RetroLambda and have been a massive fan since.

Photo of Joris Hoendervangers

Joris Hoendervangers

Entrepreneur & Python enthusiast with a background in financial markets. Happy to help others to learn the language!

Photo of Daniel Heater

Daniel Heater

I've been writing code for 35+ years and I continue to learn things when I read another person's code

Photo of Matt McCarley

Matt McCarley

Curriculum Developer <- Wannabe CS Nerd <- Front-End Developer & UX/UI Designer <- Teacher

Photo of Celestine Ekoh-Ordan

Celestine Ekoh-Ordan

I am a full stack software developer with experience primarily in the JavaScript stack.

Photo of Daniel Tartaglia

Daniel Tartaglia

I've been programming since High School, but only started professionally in the late '90s. I started professional development of iOS apps in early 2010 and started using Swift professionally the day after its release.

Photo of Shane Drabing

Shane Drabing

When I'm not doing biology, coding is my favorite pastime. Python feels the most natural to me, but I use R constantly and am now learning C++

Photo of Blanka Lewonowska

Blanka Lewonowska

Currently, I'm an IT student and a fan of clean code. I use mostly C# for my own projects.

Photo of Roman Glushko

Roman Glushko

@magento Software Developer and Contributor at @Atwix, E-commerce, Data science newbie

Photo of Tim Austin

Tim Austin

Was interested in elixir for a long time, but didn't really start to look into it until 2018. Started the track, and enjoyed it so much I decided to help others enjoy their time learning it as well.