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Track Mentors

Our mentors are the human element behind Exercism, providing empathetic feedback on learners' solutions

Photo of Eyong Kevin Enowanyo

Eyong Kevin Enowanyo

Hi, I'm Eyong Kevin Enowanyo, a holder of a bachelor degree in software engineering and currently a lead developer. I am passionate and love building software in the domain of Machine learning, AI and Natural Language Processing. My main programming languages are Python, C++, and Java but I am always open to new technologies and experiences.

Photo of Ozan Müyesseroğlu

Ozan Müyesseroğlu

Computer engineer who loves to program things, especially for web. I like JavaScript but not love it, we have a balanced relationship.

Photo of Zuzanna Kru

Zuzanna Kru

I have been working with Java professionally for almost 4 years now and I'm particularly passionate about the functional style features of it like the Stream API.

Photo of Akshive Pandey

Akshive Pandey

I have 2+ years of experience in c++, apart from programming I love to play 8 ball pool and swimming.

Photo of Anandakumar U

Anandakumar U

I've been professionally developing C applications for over 8 years now. Interested in Go, JS, TS and Java. Love to teach anybody programming and love to learn anything from anybody too!

Photo of Tomé Jesus

Tomé Jesus

Ruby was where I started and is how I fell in love with coding. It's a great language to start off with, so well done on choosing it. I'm very happy to be helping you learn, go you!

Photo of Mario Catch

Mario Catch

Dad, developer, mentor, learner. I also go by trustie in some circles.

Photo of Kirill Artamonov

Kirill Artamonov

I love Groovy for its flexibility, especially when it comes to writing clear tests.

Photo of Syed Umar Anis

Syed Umar Anis

I love programming in C#, find it to be an expressive language that has kept pace with the advancements in the field. I am happy to learn and contribute on Exercism.

Photo of Joshua Arulsamy

Joshua Arulsamy

I'm a CS student and a python fanatic. I fell in love with python and want to help others realize how amazing it is. I think teaching is the best way to learn, so I would like to share my programming knowledge.

Photo of Sascha Wolf

Sascha Wolf

Elixir made me realize that concurrency doesn't need to be hard. It's a great introduction to functional programming and a joy to write. I've been using it professionally since 2017, contributed to a number of libraries, and maintain some of my own.

Photo of Petru Faurescu

Petru Faurescu

I love C# and .NET Core. I've written .NET / C# professionally, and also used it for open source projects.

Photo of Paul Lee

Paul Lee

I love teaching as much as I love learning! Fan of both human and machine languages. :)

Photo of Tonni Tielens

Tonni Tielens

I love learning and I love teaching others. I believe Rust might be the next big thing in systems programming for its enforced memory safety and speed.

Photo of Andrew Whitehouse

Andrew Whitehouse

My main languages are Java and Clojure. Have been using Clojure on and off commercially since 2014.

Photo of Koustubh Sinkar

Koustubh Sinkar

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Photo of Jaime Martinez

Jaime Martinez

I first started working with Go over 4 years ago writing REST APIs, I fell in love! I have been working with it ever since. I love spreading the Go-love, I hope can do that here too!

Photo of Angela Wolff

Angela Wolff

I'm a recent career changer, having left NHS Accountancy for a coding bootcamp. I'm now in my first year of a Full Stack Developer role, working predominantly with Rails. I've been helped by and want to do my bit to keep the Ruby learning track flowing.

Photo of Derek Liang

Derek Liang

Love reading, writing code. Love to give back to the community.

Photo of mohamed beyrem makhlouf

mohamed beyrem makhlouf

software craftsman,I love C# and clean code

Photo of Jorge Gueorguiev Garcia

Jorge Gueorguiev Garcia

I have been getting in and out of F# for a while, although I haven't been able to use it on a production system yet. I love the syntax, the Hindley-Milner type system, and the use of indentation for scope. I have used other functional languages like Clojure (professionally) and Elixir.

Photo of Isaiah Awotide

Isaiah Awotide

I love JavaScript for its elegant syntax especially ES6, I am passionate about Financial Technologies, Bachelors in Economic Sciences with unusual passion for technology, I do anything Js.

Photo of Miroslav Gatsanoga

Miroslav Gatsanoga

Let's Go!

Photo of Fabio Falzoi

Fabio Falzoi

SwEng since 2012, I have experience in various software engineering fields: from Linux kernel and embedded programming, to big data and web applications. I started using Go and immediately felt in love with it: now I use it and teach it professionally.

Photo of Marco Quintella

Marco Quintella

Huge fan of VueJs. Bachelor in Nautical Sciences, Specialist in Fiscal Management, Bachelor in Systems' Analysis and Development. I love beautifull code and machine learning, loves studying new techs and UI/UX.

Photo of Viktor Zetterström

Viktor Zetterström

I love using Javascript to solve problems in a functional fashion. Exercism was, and still is, a big help for me when learning new programming languages.

Photo of Severin Rudie

Severin Rudie

I'm a full time Android developer at Mozilla, and I've been working professionally in Kotlin for about 2.5 years now. Kotlin mentor, Rust student.

Photo of Glenn Jackman

Glenn Jackman

Bash is one of the first languages encountered by a *nix newcomer. It has a unique position in the programming ecosystem as both the interactive shell and as a fully-fledged programming language. One can do amazing things with it, as long as one accepts the need to be somewhat disciplined in order to handle the sometimes gnarly syntax. I've been a command line *nix hacker for over 25 years and I am happy to assist others on their quest for shell mastery.

Photo of Nikola Lukic

Nikola Lukic

I'm a competitive programmer and I have been coding in C++ for a few years.

Photo of Jakub Holy

Jakub Holy

I’m a full stack Clojure(Script) developer coming originally from the JVM/JS land, coding professionally since 2005. I love Clojure for its interactive development, productivity, and simplicity.

Photo of Shahryar Saljoughi

Shahryar Saljoughi

I'm a CS student, who uses C# because of its power.

Photo of Joe Gilray

Joe Gilray

Retired but still programming in Racket, Rust and Wolfram. I am in awe of the Rust community and thinking mentoring here on is one way to give back

Photo of Nils Müller

Nils Müller

I love Python for its accessibility, its welcoming community, and its wide area of application. I've used it both professionally and for research.

Photo of Luis San Martin

Luis San Martin

Hi there! I'm a SRE with 10+ years on Linux/Open Source and want to give back all the knowledge I have :)

Photo of Vinay Shankar Shukla

Vinay Shankar Shukla

Senior Developer at ThoughtWorks, Gopher, Pythonist, Open Source contributor and a Coffee Lover

Photo of Raphael Bobillot

Raphael Bobillot

As a Scala Technical Officer @ CarbonIT, I just love working with Scala (the Category Theory way haha) and its awesome ecosystem

Photo of Diego Salazar

Diego Salazar

I love Ruby for its beauty and consistency. I've been happily working with it for 10+ years and don't see myself stopping any time soon. Mentoring has been a great way to help the community while reinforcing my skills and knowledge in programming.

Photo of Luca Paterlini

Luca Paterlini

italian, athlete, python and go lover.

Photo of Jesús Dugarte

Jesús Dugarte

I fell in love with Ruby, like most, through Rails. For the past 10 years Ruby's eloquence and expressiveness have radically changed the way I code and build software solutions

Photo of Rafael Galdencio

Rafael Galdencio

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