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Track Mentors

Track Mentors

Our mentors are the human element behind Exercism, providing empathetic feedback on learners' solutions

Photo of Eduardo Diaz

Eduardo Diaz

I have more than 32 (1<<5) years programming, in C & C++ in my first years, later on Java, C# and Scala. My new passion is Rust. I love the blend between system programming and the functional paradigm. Also if you speak spanish, I'm here to help!. (Si hablas español te puedo ayudar ;)

Photo of Jeffrey Sarnoff

Jeffrey Sarnoff

I contribute packages to The Julia Community, and, perhaps, help to you.

Photo of Mats Rauhala

Mats Rauhala

Working with Haskell at work for the past couple of years. Before that a Haskell hobbyist for 10 or so years.

Photo of Dhanshree Arora

Dhanshree Arora

Python is beautifully simple and astoundingly powerful! I love this language.

Photo of Pietro Verdile

Pietro Verdile

I'm a full-time software developer for ClickBus, mostly focused on frontend using frameworks like Vue and Symfony. On top of that I am quite familiar with Clojure, PHP and NodeJS when it comes to backend.

Photo of Shayna Conner

Shayna Conner

Professional C# / .NET developer just out here sharing some knowledge.

Photo of Alexandre Gomes

Alexandre Gomes

Full-Stack JavaScript developer. Lover of all things JS, TS, React and GraphQL. I enjoy learning by doing, and helping others learn the same way.

Photo of Andrés Zarta

Andrés Zarta

Data Scientist with Operations Research background. Started learning Go to improve my software development skills and ended up loving it for its simplicity and amazing community.

Photo of Ricardo Cárdenes

Ricardo Cárdenes

I've been using Python since 2000 (1.5, 2.x, 3.x) for everything from system administration to assessing imaging detectors quality, through compiler toolchain helpers, and everything else in between.

Photo of Lewis Clement

Lewis Clement

After many years of writing hobby projects in C++ and school- and professional project in C# and JavaScript, my new go-to language has become Rust. As a perfect blend of a low-level language with high-level syntax features it's become the language I get most joy using, and hopefully I help others find enjoyment in it too.

Photo of Claudia Beresford

Claudia Beresford

I am a systems engineer and for the past 4 years Go has been my weapon-of-choice both at work and in my own projects.

Photo of Anne Ogborn

Anne Ogborn

Contributor to SWI-Prolog. Love Prolog and want to share the love.

Photo of Utkarsh Raghav

Utkarsh Raghav

I love Python for its simplicity and consistency. I have been using Python for about 3 years now and have used it for Open source projects, building complex APIs for my Android applications and a lot many things. I would like to give back to the programming community that helped me when I was just getting started by mentoring and helping others in their journey.

Photo of Logan Kilpatrick

Logan Kilpatrick

I started using Julia when I was getting started as a Software Engineering Intern at NASA. Since then, I have gone on to Intern with Julia Computing on the PumasAI project, win a new Julia Language contributor award for 2019, and authored a few small packages. The Julia programming language and community are incredible. I am looking forward to helping more in the future.

Photo of Dan Padé

Dan Padé

I have used Haskell both personally and professionally since 2014. Haskell has become my language of choice due to its strong typing system and its ease of reasoning due to referential transparency.

Photo of Cody Goodman

Cody Goodman

The mythical real-world professional Haskell programmer. I believe functional programming is a better general purpose paradigm for the real world. I want to teach others functional programming well enough to see if they agree!

Photo of Stephen Lloyd

Stephen Lloyd

For me, Go is an decluttered house that has everything I need, and nothing I don't.

Photo of SiriusStarr


My phone, laptop, and desktop are hostnamed Functor, Applicative, and Monad (respectively); that should tell you how I feel about FP. Elm was my gateway language to that wonderful world, and it can be yours too!

Photo of Aleksey Zhidkov

Aleksey Zhidkov

I have been programming in java since 2003. Over the years I have taked part in projects in many different areas from settop boxes firmware, to big data to JVM implementation.

Photo of Georg Tavonius

Georg Tavonius

I am a professional freelance developer who mainly writes JavaScript and Ruby. And that almost every day. But I don't stop there. Currently I am also training myself in Rust & Go thanks to

Photo of Hatem Ahmed

Hatem Ahmed

I'm a software engineer. Most of my experience has been in Java. I hope that I can help people transition into the language and that I get to learn more myself from seeing different approaches.

Photo of Shreyansh Pandey

Shreyansh Pandey

Golang has been a saviour in my line of work; the extensibility, the ease of use... everything is absolutely fantastic. Go's specific choices on strict, inherent linting rules let you focus on your business logic and not on which format is the best. Go is my weapon of choice in all things SRE and financial tech.

Photo of Scott Hutchinson

Scott Hutchinson

I develop data analysis applications for Windows using Functional Programming in C++, F#, VB .NET, and C#.

Photo of Prateek Kumar

Prateek Kumar

I love Rust and JavaScript. Exploring WebAssembly in my free time.

Photo of Tuomo Virolainen

Tuomo Virolainen

Functional programmer and lisper. I got interested in Clojure in about 2015 and it quickly became my tool of choice for most tasks.

Photo of David Guillot

David Guillot

Working with Python/Django for 3 years now, after 6 years of PHP/Symfony. Loving Python straight-to-the-point philosophy. Mentoring to see many ways to code, and to share some best practices.

Photo of Scott Swingle

Scott Swingle

I enjoy using Python for work and fun. There's no other language that allows me to go from an idea to working code as fast.

Photo of Felix Bünemann

Felix Bünemann

I started using Ruby about 8 years ago and immediately fell in love. I like to give back by teaching others about it.

Photo of Henri Lay

Henri Lay

Interested in Craftsmanship and functional programming ;)

Photo of Peter Banjo

Peter Banjo

I love functional programming and Elixir is an amazing language to work with. It takes some effort to adopt a new way of solving programming problems so let's share in the adventure.

Photo of Michael Lauritsen

Michael Lauritsen

ASP.NET Backend Developer

Photo of Eric Peterson

Eric Peterson

I'm a self-taught programmer working for Ortus Solutions making CFML a modern, vibrant language to use.

Photo of Odis Harkins

Odis Harkins

I've been working in C# for 7 years. Building everything from simple console apps to full-stack development.

Photo of Simon Bukin

Simon Bukin

I'm a software developer most interested in backend web technologies and data. I've been a tutor for Python at my university and am happy to be a mentor here at Exercism.

Photo of Quan Nguyen

Quan Nguyen

Clojurian, [Red]ucer

Photo of Elena Parovyshnaia

Elena Parovyshnaia

Do respect Kotlin for been concise, expressive and for addressing most of the developer's everyday needs in such an elegant way.

Photo of Daniel Brice

Daniel Brice

I use Haskell at work because it allows me to rapidly deliver easily-maintainable applications with a high degree of confidence in their correctness.

Photo of Andy An

Andy An

I use JavaScript (React) at work and did Java, Python, PHP in the past. I'm always excited to learn and help!

Photo of Guillaume Diallo-Mulliez

Guillaume Diallo-Mulliez

I am a mobile applications developer. Coming from the React Native universe, I am now working with and loving Flutter and Dart to build mobile applications.

Photo of Sherwood Nelson

Sherwood Nelson

I am very interested in the theory of OS. Most OS kernels were written in C, for example, the Linux kernel. I would like to teach beginners programming in C, because C uses a large number of low-level concepts that every programmer should know.